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The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health

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Women's Health, IVF, Fertility, Acupuncture, Counseling
Integrative Health Center - Fertility

The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health was founded in 2003 by Alice Domar, PhD., an international leader in the field of mind/body medicine. The innovative services our center offers are based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Domar, who for over 25 years has explored the impact of psychological distress on different women’s health conditions.

This research led to the first ever Mind/Body Center for Women’s Health well as the first center to offer a Mind/Body Program for Fertility, which is now offered at clinics throughout the country and the world. All are based on Dr. Domar’s model and personal training. Her Mind/Body Program, which teaches strategies to reduce anxiety, depression, and distress through relaxation, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and yoga ~ first took shape in 1987 and has since helped thousands of women enjoy healthy, happy lives and successful pregnancies.

Our specialists treat a wide range of health issues for men and women, including infertility, pregnancy loss, high risk pregnancy, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, headaches including migraines, bruises, fractures and tears, sciatica, whiplash injuries and a variety other symptoms. Our services include:

♦ Acupuncture
♦ Counseling
♦ Eating Disorder Counseling
♦ The Mind/Body Program for Fertility
♦ Nutrition Counseling
♦ PCOS Program
♦ Yoga
♦ Unsuccessful Fertility Cycle Program