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Anxiety and addiction-related concerns; Holistic Psychotherapy as well as guidance/coordination for your best treatment choices, Functional Medicine friendly. NOTE: regarding insurance, I don't recommend this, but if this is your only option, I will provide you with a statement that you can submit for possible reimbursement directly to you.
Private Practice @ Integrative Health Center

If you’re ready to unwind your anxiety and tame your overwhelm, welcome to Habits Into Health.

My clients want to reduce anxiety and overwhelm, but so often their attempts didn’t help for long – or at all! Sometimes they developed habits that backfired completely – in an unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol, pills, or relationship choices, and even hiding out in front of televisions, behind books or in meditation chambers and yoga classes. Those who aren’t addicted to substances themselves have often been impacted by someone else who is (for instance, a parent, a partner or a son or daughter) and are stuck, too.

I am all about guiding you in creating healthy habits that will keep you confident, calm and free going forward into your future.

I offer comprehensive integrative mental health, which includes those who either want to get off their medications and/or don’t want to be on medications, while supporting their psychosocial and spiritual needs.
For years I have worked collaboratively with practitioners who are licensed to manage the medication side (such as MDs, including psychiatrists, NDs, acupuncturists, nutrition specialists).  What I offer is essential, as most clients who find me have been jumping around from modality to modality in search of relief, with no professional guiding their decision-making process. When they come to me, they get the best referrals to practitioners who handle the biomedical side, as well as my support coordinating care, as well as valuable training in reorganizing their learned patterns.
I’ve been passionate about health and wellness for 40 years. As a private consultant and licensed psychotherapist with a master’s degree in clinical holistic health education, I bring a comprehensive and integrative perspective to the change process. I integrate holistic and somatic approaches to health with addiction recovery and other chronic conditions. My approach teaches you how to influence your reactive responses, creating more options for managing stress at the least, and at most, reorganizing your ability to create a future that is different from your past.

In addition to consulting, I share my passion for health and wellness in other ways. My book, Do YOU HAVE a habit ~ Or does your habit HAVE YOU offers you options for success. I also share a part of my own story and useful tips for self-care in the new anthology, Come Out of Hiding And SHINE! available on Amazon. Also, I am the founder and director of Stillpoint Center for Health, Well-Being and Renewal, where I collaborate with other holistic practitioners offering services in the San Francisco Bay Area. We guide you in finding your best 21st century choices for supporting your health, creating well-being and experiencing renewal in your life.

In addition, if your community/church group or a personal/professional organization is open to a speaker for an engaging presentation, contact me and we’ll discuss whether my message is a match for your group.

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