Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tag: alternative conceptions of mental health

Introducing the Power Threat Meaning Framework

FromĀ The British Psychological Society: A group of senior psychologists and prominent service user campaigners has published a report offeringĀ an alternative frameworkĀ toĀ understand emotional distress. "The Framework...

Webinar Discussion – Rethinking Madness

A free recordingĀ of last week's webinar anchored to Phil Borges'Ā Crazywise, a documentary exploring alternative approaches to mental health, is now available. Over 4,000 people...

Disease Theory of ā€˜Mental Illnessā€™ Tied To Pessimism About Recovery

Researchers recently completed a first of its kind, large-scale international survey of attitudes about mental health and they were surprised by the results. According to their analysis published in this monthā€™s issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders, people in developed countries, like the United States, are more likely to assume that ā€˜mental illnessesā€™ are similar to physical illnesses and biological or genetic in origin, but they are also much less likely to think that individuals can overcome these challenges and recover