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Catching My Breath After A Panicked Journey

$24,000 later and no one knew what was wrong with me. They sent me home with a bag of pills. After being in the hospital, I developed a fear and mistrust of doctors. My general practitioner suggestedĀ antidepressants. More pills. It was all they could recommend. I wouldnā€™t take them. My anxiety worsened. I was obsessed with the idea that if I slept, I would die. So, I stayed awake as much as I could. For an entire year, this was how I lived.

Study Examines the Difficulty of Withdrawing from Antidepressant Drugs

Correcting unnecessary long-term antidepressant use is difficult and met with apprehension by providers and service-users.

America’s New ‘Anxiety’ Disorder

In this piece forĀ The New York Times Magazine, Nitsuh Abebe chronicles America's long history with anxiety, and the ways that America's collective societal anxiety...

Bipolar? When Quitting is the Answer

Whether itā€™s the Nurtured Heart Approach, or any other method thatā€™s truly up to the task, we need these effective strategies and ways of thinking to be more widespread so we can lessen the pitfalls of the medical modelā€™s limited prospective which has no idea of how to turn intense into immensely great.