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How President Trump and Dr. Drew Got It Wrong on Deinstitutionalization

Compounding the lack of participation of former and current patients, a major theme of the summit was that Americans diagnosed with ā€œserious mental illnessā€ should not be able to make their own treatment decisions.

D.C. Faces Lawsuit for Unnecessarily Institutionalizing Hundreds of Kids

From The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law: "The Bazelon Center, along with co-counsel Disability Rights DC at University LegalĀ Services (the protection and advocacy...

ā€œThe Halfway Houses Keeping Mental Health Patients Out Of Hospitalā€

For Buzzfeed, Laura Silver reports on the UK recovery houses where mental health patients in psychiatric crisis can work toward a meaningful recovery and avoid institutionalization. Unfortunately, she finds that funding for these houses is under increasing threat.