Tag: big pharma and medical education

E-book: “Ghost-Managed Medicine: Big Pharma’s Invisible Hands”

Sergio Sismondo's new book from Mattering Press explores how Big Pharma controls drug research and marketing at every stage, maximizing industry profits at the expense...

Doctors Receive Opioid Training. Big Pharma Funds It.

Julia Laurie writes for Mother Jones about continuing education courses with links to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Medical Community Split on Easing of Drug Company Gift ban

From VTDigger: A new bill has been introduced in Vermont that would scale back the state's law banning pharmaceutical companies from providing certain gifts to health care...

“The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Role in U.S. Medical Education”

“Pharmaceutical industry influence can harm the social and moral character of medical students. In medicine, the traditional virtues of benevolence, compassion, integrity, respectfulness, honesty...

“Steps to Reduce Pharma Influence over Canadian Docs Criticized”

The College of Family Physicians of Canada has now come under fire after releasing a report last month addressing conflicts of interests between pharma...