Doctors Receive Opioid Training. Big Pharma Funds It.


“It doesn’t look like promotion. It looks like education, and it’s required for most physicians.”

Julia Laurie writes for Mother Jones about medication oriented continuing education courses with links to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

“Mary Williams, a 42-year-old receptionist and mother of three, has a complicated medical record: She’s obese and diabetic, has a history of alcoholism, and smokes a pack a day. Substance abuse problems run in the family. She takes short-acting opioids every few hours for her lower back pain and neuropathy, but she’s still uncomfortable, so she goes back to the clinic. Should the doctor keep prescribing opioids?

Thousands of prescribers grapple with a variation of this question each day. Mary Williams is a made-up example in SCOPE of Pain, a continuing medical education class about the risks of prescribing opioids. As the death toll from overdoses soars, a growing number of states require prescribers to take such programs. SCOPE, a free module run by Boston University that can be completed online or in person, is a popular option: About 14­­0,000 providers nationwide have taken it in the past five years.”

Physicians who take SCOPE learn that Williams’ risk of opioid abuse is “moderate.” The course recommends increasing her dose of non-opioid painkillers and switching her to long-acting opioids that she should take every 12 hours. A year and a half later, participants learn, she’s thriving—going to pain support groups and not abusing the pills.

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  1. Today, opioids come under many names, and patients are being lied to by highly deluded doctors. Today’s doctors claim opioids are “safe pain meds.” Apparently the doctors actually believe this?

    And along with this pharmaceutical fraud induced medical delusion, comes the medical delusion that opioids are not mind altering drugs. And that the odd mind altering effects of the opioids are the DSM deluded “life long incurable, genetic, mental illnesses.” Despite the reality that the opioids are mind altering drugs, and the mind altering effects of the opioids are drug induced, curable, iatrogenic effects, NOT “life long incurable, genetic, mental illnesses.”

    This huge societal problem is not actually difficult to solve. All doctors should be legally required to give honest informed consent, to all patients, prior to prescribing any opioid, under any name. Most Americans are not as delusional as our medical community, and we know opioids are dangerous, addictive, mind altering drugs, that one does NOT want to take.

    The number of times this article mentions these pharmaceutical bought out doctors are just ‘following the FDA guidelines,’ implies the FDA guidelines are completely corrupted.

    “There is very little time in the average clinician’s life to kick back and read a medical journal,” the medical journals are filled with pharmaceutical industry, fraud based studies, so this is NOT the problem, loony psychiatrist. Who likely profiteers off of covering up the easily recognized iatrogenesis committed by the delusional mainstream doctors.

    “… federal data shows that an estimated 4 out of 5 heroin users transitioned from prescription opioids. ‘Overprescription is responsible for the epidemic of opioids that we have,’ Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, said last year.”

    Wake up, doctors, you people have lost your minds, due to your staggering greed, and complete and total loss of ethics.

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