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With Great Health Data Comes Great Potential for Bias

FromĀ Pacific Standard: Technology is increasinglyĀ collecting and sharing data on individuals' mental and physical health, which is thenĀ converted into useable knowledge, such as recommendations about...

What Your Therapist Doesn’t Know

FromĀ The Atlantic:Ā Using data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of psychotherapy for individual clients can engender openness in the therapist-client relationship and improve mental...

ā€œThe Devil is in the Details: How Patientsā€™ Mental Health...

The Intercept illustrates the growing insecurity of our medical and mental health data in an age of privacy breaches. Individual stories detail instances of electronic therapy notes being shared between all doctors in a practice, employees being fired after mental health information is disclosed through workplace wellness programs, and police data on past suicide attempts being used to prevent Canadian citizens from crossing the US border.