“The Devil is in the Details: How Patients’ Mental Health Data is at Risk”


The Intercept illustrates the growing insecurity of our medical and mental health data in an age of privacy breaches. Individual stories detail instances of electronic therapy notes being shared between all doctors in a practice, employees being fired after mental health information is disclosed through workplace wellness programs, and police data on past suicide attempts being used to prevent Canadian citizens from crossing the US border.

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  1. It’s not only “mental health”. With the “great” work from NSA (sarcasm alert) the whole underpinnings of the internet and cyber security are at risk. Not only what currently exists is laughable in terms of data protection but efforts by NSA to introduce backdoors into systems is going to ensure that the hackers everywhere will have plenty of fun. Add to that the idiot politician like UK’s David Cameron (seriously, who votes for these people? – I understand once but again?) call for banning encryption. I guess the excuse is as always “scary terrorists and big, big bombs”.
    There needs to be a revolution…

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  2. I have been reading the book Future Crimes, which is a fascinating look at the risks to cyber data. I found out yesterday that expert hackers can break into your computer within 5-10 minutes about 75% of the time, regardless of what antivirus software you have, and up to 90% of computers can be broken into with at most a few hours of effort. Once they are in your computer, hackers can copy all your files without you knowing, silently watch your activities for months, or wipe out your whole system at will.

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  3. My psychiatric diagnosis is in my medical charts thanks to the psychiatrist doing this when I was hospitalized for pancreatitis (not as a psych patient) and he came to see me. This diagnosis were now in all the med records for anyone to see using that hospital’s system. My hospital records were sent to my new family doctor and on my first visit I treated me so horribly I was in shock. She told me my only problem was I needed to go back to my psychiatrist. What? I was still very ill from having pancreatitis. She had no idea who I was. I now go to the other hospital authority medical groups but fear the psych diagnosis is still out there. I didn’t do anything to deserve this?

    The medical info out there for anyone to get or see is beyond scary.

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  4. I had Dr. V R Kuchipudi’s psychiatric partner in crime (Kuchipudi’s been arrested by the FBI), Dr. Humaira Saiyed, running around listing me as her patient at a hospital I’ve never been to and at a hospital in a state in which I no longer live – according to an insurance company and phone call.

    Saiyed apparently desparately wanted to cover up the reality she had me medically unnecessarily shipped to herself twice (both times with no HIPPA forms signed by me, since I did not need medical care). The first time (due to a sleep walking /talking issue) she “snowed” me, in the hopes of performing an unneeded tracheotomy for a non-existent “chronic airway obstruction” – the exact crime Kuchipudi was eventually arrested for doing to many patients later.

    Thankfully, the second time she medically unnecessarily had me shipped a long distance to her – for lying in a park, minding my own business, and based upon a subsequent “medically clear” diagnosis. She was apparently unable to convince any other doctor I had a serious mental illness, so she force treated me for a non-existent UTI – of course, with a dangerous antibiotic known to cause psychiatric symptoms.

    But I would not have been medically unnecessarily shipped back to her the second time if doctors weren’t breaking the HIPPA laws. The hospital that shipped me to her the second time was embarrassed when I pointed out Saiyed’s initial egregious “snowing,” and that they had no signed HIPPA forms, thus their doctor had broken the HIPPA laws.

    The HIPPA laws are being used and abused by doctors to harm innocent patients – so doctors may cover up easily recognized medical mistakes for each other with psychiatric defamation and poisoning.

    And here’s a link to similar, but much more egregious, abuses of power by doctors and their social worker minions in my old state:


    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power needs to be taken away from the medical industrial complex, it’s being abused. And the HIPPA laws are part of the problem.

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  5. Suicide or self ownership is being treated like the person tried to kill someone else, rather than the person killing themselves.
    This is the new age where people are not responsible for their actions, “mental illness” committed the crime.
    Mental illness killed Natalie Fuller, she didn’t kill herself. http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/about-us/our-blog/69-no-state/2795-on-losing-my-darling-natalie-doris-fuller-personally-speaking

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  6. This issue scares the bleepers out of me. Unfortunately, a few times I have been careless about disclosing my past psych med history and greatly fear the consequences from this because in the past, I feel this led to inferior care. It is disgraceful that this occurs and no one in the healthcare field seems to give a d–m.

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