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August 20, 1985: The Day My Psychotic Episodes Ended

I didn’t know that I had never fully experienced my emotional pain until I was thrown into an altered state. With “psychosis” I plowed through layers and layers of pain, alone in the night.

Good Relationships are all in the Family

From Scientific American: A decades-long study recently found that men raised in warmer, more nurturing family environments have stronger relationships in adulthood. Article →­

Promoting Mental Health: Supporting Early Relationships Does Not Mean Blaming Parents

As both a pediatrician and psychoanalyst, D.W. Winnicott had a unique view of human development. In preparation for teaching a course on early childhood mental health I had the pleasure of reconnecting with the profound wisdom of his writings. While Winnicott wrote extensively for both a general and a professional audience, I discovered, on careful re-reading of his essay for a general audience entitled ""The Ordinary Devoted Mother"" that it contains a vast wealth of ideas, foreshadowing contemporary research at the intersection of developmental psychology, neuroscience and genetics that is revealing more every day of how early experience gets into the body and brain.