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Trump and Cuomo: Red Flags Are Red Herrings

Curtailing the rights of people with psychiatric histories is nothing more than a red herring, a ploy to maintain social control. We need to disarm the ā€œre-institutionalizationā€ movement by holding it accountable to the actual science of modern psychiatry and the history of institutions.

ā€œThe Great ā€˜Mental Illnessā€™ Hoax: Rampage Killings and the Gun Cultureā€

Over at CounterPunch, Carl Boggs takes on the knee-jerk mental illness response that pervades the airwaves after every mass shooting. He writes: ā€œWhat the mental-health fixation lacks is any semblance of historical or social context. Given the persistence of U.S. imperialism and militarism ā€” and mounting fascination with combat and guns in a society transfigured by its warfare state ā€” Washington remains a thriving center of global violence: repeated armed interventions abroad have found their domestic parallel in the worldā€™s largest prison system, a deepening gun culture, home-bred terrorism, police atrocities, and a media culture filled with spectacles of warfare and bloodshed.ā€