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Study Explores Connections Between Diet and ā€˜Serious Mental Illnessesā€™

Study finds that individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression have diets that are more inflammatory and higher in calories.

Research Emphasizes Association Between Inflammation, Diet, and Depression

Study finds adults with a pro-inflammatory diet have a greater incidence of depression.

Depression: The Radical Theory Linking it to Inflammation

In this Nature piece, Alison Abbot discusses Psychiatrist Edward Bullmore'sĀ book,Ā The Inflamed Mind: A Radical New Approach to DepressionĀ (2018). "Depression affects one in four people at...

Why Social Isolation Leads to Inflammation

We are wired for community. If we disconnect, our bodies will call us back to the sense of human connection that we are wired for, using the unexpected language of inflammation.