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Functional Medicine: My Path Out of Psychiatry

My blood work indicated a host of issues that had been lurking under the surface of my “psychiatric diagnoses” for years. I’d seen various mental health professionals and none had recommended these types of tests, or stopped to think about any underlying factors, aside from the well-known “serotonin myth.”

Steps Forward: Integrative Mental Health is Gaining Ground

In September 2017, a gift of 200 million dollars was given to the University of California, Irvine, to create new buildings and new programs dedicated to forwarding the model of integrative healthcare. This large donation is bound to lead to changes in both the training of psychiatrists as well as the delivery of mental healthcare.

When Anxiety or Depression Masks a Medical Problem

From The New York Times: The mind and body are more connected than we often think — symptoms of anxiety and depression may result from...

RAISE Study Out Of Sync With Media Reports

Writing on his 1 Boring Old Man blog, Dr. Mickey Nardo reflects on the media frenzy around the RAISE study and asks why the prescription data has not been released. He adds skepticism about the political motives of the potentially overblown results, which he sees as a clear push for increased mental health funding.