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Psych Journal Issuing Caution About Torture Paper

FromĀ Retraction Watch: The psychology journalĀ Teaching of Psychology plans to issue an editor's note about a controversial paper exploring the APA's involvement in the torture...

Psychiatry’s Thalidomide Moment

The authors of Study 329 began recruiting adolescents for a comparative study of Paxil, imipramine and placebo in 1994 and finished their investigations in 1997. They dropped a large number of their original cohort, so the randomness element in the study must be open to question. Late in 1998, SmithKline Beecham, the marketers of Paxil, acknowledged in an internal document that the study had shown that Paxil didnā€™t work for adolescents in terms of the two primary and six secondary outcomes they had established at the start of the study. In a nutshell, Study 329 was negative for efficacy and positive for harm, contrary to their succinct upbeat conclusion.

Bogus Journal Articles Distract From the Real Problem in Academic Medicine

The buzz in academic publishing right now is the story about how several hundred open access journals accepted a fake research paper. Of much more concern is that there are top-tier medical journals which have published clinical trials, that were read by thousands of people, that influenced clinical decisions, that we now know were bogus, but have never been retracted.