Saturday, February 4, 2023

Tag: journalism

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 5: Survival Kit for Young Psychiatrists...

Peter Gøtzsche explains how psychiatry has reacted when confronted with evidence and stories of lived experience, and how this has corrupted journalism.

The Carter Center’s Guide for Mental Health Journalism: Don’t Question, Follow...

The Carter Center’s Journalism Resource Guide on Behavioral Health is a manual for docile journalism. There is no encouragement to be skeptical of the powerful in psychiatry. Rather, the guide provides reporters with a template to follow that reifies conventional wisdom, offering a message similar to what the American Psychiatric Association has sounded for years.

If a Drug Company Publishes a Magazine, is it Journalism?

From Undark Magazine: Bayer, the German pharmaceutical and agricultural science conglomerate, has launched a digital magazine covering the ethical and social implications of new biotechnologies....

Newly-Revised List of Industry-Independent Experts for Journalists

From HealthNewsReview: For nine years, HealthNewsReview has hosted a one-of-a-kind list of health care industry-independent experts for journalists. The list has now been revised with new...

Rewriting the Narrative on Psych Ward Abuse in Journalism

From Paginated Thoughts: The usual journalistic narrative about abuse in psychiatric wards focuses on funding and staffing shortages, as well as overcrowding and bed...