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Helping People Come Off Medication—Bad for Business?

The message in journal editorials, comments and opinion articles, is that 'this new study shows great promise' and that 'we need further research'. My interpretation is: 'give us the money and we will be happy to carry this out'. With the implied promise that, once this new research has been done, we will get a better world. Sadly this is rarely ever the case.

“There’s a Way to Spot Data Fakery. All Journals Should be...

For STAT, the Watchdogs report on new statistical analyses that can be used to spot fake data before it gets published. Article →

“Why Our Peer Review System is a Toothless Watchdog”

From STAT: “Imagine that someone offers to give you a guard dog. When the wretched creature arrives, you find out that she is calf-high,...

Failure to Follow New Research Guidelines Problem for Top Psychiatry Journals

Despite updated standards requiring preregistration of clinical trials aimed at improving transparency, most studies published in the top-5 psychiatry journals from 2009 to 2013 do not meet the new guidelines, according to an analysis published in PloS one.