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More on the Power of Diversity: The “Hidden Recovered”

If we look at stigma as arising from the fear of things perceived as unfamiliar and judged abnormal, then we must think of challenging stigma by making the characteristics associated with stigma more familiar and thus less fearful. For me, central to stigma is discrimination and exclusion. The antidote: working with someone as a colleague, knowing such a person as a neighbor and friend.

All in the Brain? An Open Letter Re: Stephen Fry’s Assumptions...

Stephen Fry‚Äôs¬†exploration of manic depression¬†(in the current BBC series on mental health, ‚ÄėIn the Mind‚Äė) has drawn both praise (because of his attempts to destigmatize mental illness)¬†and criticism (because he appears to have a very narrow biomedical understanding of mental illness).¬† I have sent an open letter to the actor which challenges some of his assumptions about mental illness, and offers a very different understanding to that promoted in his recent television programme.

Disease Theory of ‚ÄėMental Illness‚Äô Tied To Pessimism About Recovery

Researchers recently completed a first of its kind, large-scale international survey of attitudes about mental health and they were surprised by the results. According to their analysis published in this month‚Äôs issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders, people in developed countries, like the United States, are more likely to assume that ‚Äėmental illnesses‚Äô are similar to physical illnesses and biological or genetic in origin, but they are also much less likely to think that individuals can overcome these challenges and recover