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Nature Still Battles Nurture in the World of Social Genomics

FromĀ Nature: In her new book,Ā Social by Nature: The Promise and Peril of Sociogenomics, Catherine BlissĀ discusses the social context and potentially biodeterministic implications of the...

Mourning? – Yes; Forgiveness? – No. Healing from Trauma

Mourning is the biological process that allows us to relinquish and deactivate the brain mappings that result from trauma. By facing the pain, we can truly put it behind us, where it no longer rules us. In so doing, one writes a new play that is infused with authenticity and love.

Psychiatry is Edging Dangerously Close to Eugenics

In psychiatry, there has always been a swing between the two poles of nature and nurture. Unfortunately, psychiatry is firmly back in the nature camp. Lip service is paid to the emotional environment and trauma. But that is as far as it goes. The accepted (and dangerous) belief is that psychiatry deals with brain diseases ā€“ inherited brain diseases. We are back to absolute genetic determinism.

Free Online Course: Psychology and Mental Health- Beyond Nature and Nurture

MIA contributor, Peter Kinderman, from the University of Liverpool, is teaching a free online course that explores new perspectives on the ā€œnature vs nurtureā€ debate, and how we are affected by life experiences.

Pleading Insanity By Genetics Can Backfire for Defendants

ā€œGenetic explanations for violent crimes may encourage jurors to support an insanity defense, but jurors may also believe the defendant is a persistent threat who will commit more crimes in the future,ā€ Science Daily reports. A study on over 600 participants found that when people read a genetic explanation for a violent murder they attributed less blame to the defendant but recommended a longer sentence.