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Michelle Carter Part IV: Did She Tell Conrad to “Get back in the...

There is no¬†text,¬†transcript or recording that demonstrates that Michelle ever said anything to Conrad about getting back in the truck to die. The DA‚Äôs entire case¬†is based¬†upon the ‚Äúconfession‚ÄĚ of an irrational girl on antidepressants who¬†has been¬†trying to communicate with her boyfriend in heaven via phone.

Part II: Michelle Starts Prozac and Sees the Devil

By 2011, anyone who read the scientific literature would have known that children cannot tolerate SSRIs and should not be given them. Neither Conrad nor Michelle seemed to have been warned about the common adverse effects (such as nightmares and compulsive suicidality) of the SSRI antidepressants they were on.

Off Psychiatric Drugs After Fourteen Years

I have hopes for the field of psychiatry. I hope the field will redeem itself, and redeem its practitioners, because they do have clinical skill and the opportunity to learn more and grow. Many of them, I believe, were just taught bad science, influenced and infiltrated by Big Pharma.