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The “Shotgun Method” ‚Äď A Story of Mental Health Crisis in...

"Let's try the shotgun method,"¬†my psychiatrist said ‚ÄĒ¬†meaning that you load the gun with a bunch of pellets and hope that one of them hits the target. I went through 16 different psychiatric medications in five years, and they were¬†not¬†the right choice for me.

Rising Rates of Suicide: Are Pills the Problem?

If you‚Äôve read recent reports that state ‚ÄúUS suicide rates surge to a 30 year high,‚ÄĚ you might first justify the reality with the fact that things feel very wrong in our world today. On a personal, national, and planetary level, people are suffering to survive and the distress is coming from all sides ‚Äď medical to economic to existential. But you probably also wonder why more people are choosing this permanent and self-destructive path, and feel compelled to submit to seemingly logical appeals to provide these individuals more help and greater access to treatment. Surprise: that may be the last thing our population of hopeless and helpless needs. Life‚Äôs inevitable challenges are not the problem. It‚Äôs the drugs we use that are fueling suicide.

‚ÄúPsychiatric Drug‚ÄĒNot Antibiotic‚ÄĒMesses with Gut Microbes, Spurs Obesity‚ÄĚ

In a series of experiments in mice, researchers found that the drug risperidone alters gut microbes, which in turn profoundly influence metabolism, weight, and overall health.