Tag: resilience and trauma

Interview: How Does Climate Change Affect Youth Mental Health?

Psychiatric epidemiologist Jennifer Barkin talks about her research on the traumatizing effects of extreme weather events on youth and how caregivers can help them build resilience.

Rethinking Resilience

From Fostering Change: "Peer support and collaboration are central to a trauma-informed approach to building social resilience. But many services that claim to be...

Why Stable Relationships Fight Trauma and Stress in Kids

From The Conversation: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can cause toxic stress, impacting children's brain development and physical and mental health well into the future. Having...

In Praise of Patience as a Prescription for Trauma

For Aeon, Samira Thomas writes that while resilience is attracting a lot of attention from psychology, patience in an underexplored and undervalued virtue in...