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Antidepressants Increase Suicide Attempts in Youth; No Preventative Effect

Researchers find that SSRIs increase suicide attempts up to age 24, and have no preventative effect at any age, even for those at high risk of suicide.

No Benefit for Adding Antidepressants to CBT in Severe Depression

For those with severe depression, inpatient CBT was effective but the adding antidepressants did not improve treatment outcomes.

New Data Reveal the Full Extent of STAR*D Failure

The initial study, which has been used to promote antidepressants, employed outcome switching to hide poor results.

“The Mystery of When to Stop Antidepressants”

Researchers are studying whether psychological treatments can prevent relapse after patients go off antidepressant medication, reportsĀ the Wall Street Journal, notingĀ that "SSRIs have long been...