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Public Purse a Cash Cow for Pharma: Could Taxpayer Dollars Be...

In Oregon, which has only about 1% of the national population, medical expenditures for psychiatric drugs in fiscal year 2017-2018 were $82.2 million for adults, and another $8.7 million for youth. Every advocate in the US should request these figures from their state Medicaid offices.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Drugs and the Therapeutic State

Philip Seymour Hoffman died only 5 weeks ago. I was disappointed by the immediate zoom-in on Hoffman‚Äôs heroin addiction and the immediate and zealous search for villains; for the evil dealer. The toxicology report completed after his death led the New York City medical examiner to conclude that he had been ‚Äúkilled by a poisonous mix of drugs that included ‚Ķ heroin ‚Ķ cocaine, amphetamines and sedatives.‚ÄĚ Yet, no outcry against Big Pharma for producing these drugs ‚Äď the amphetamines, sedatives and the oxycodone ‚Äď in the first place. Nor against the FDA for allowing them willy-nilly in the marketplace with little regulation. Nor against the GP‚Äôs who dispense these drugs like M&Ms.