This page provides Mad in America’s video content in one easily accessible location. Included below are series; such as interviews from the Medicating Normal film,  Brainsplain, Parenting Today and The Science and Pseudoscience of Mental Health podcasts. There are also individual video interviews we have selected from video archives.

Interviews from Medicating Normal

The producers and directors of the documentary film Medicating Normal, Lynn Cunningham and Wendy Ractliffe, have published 50 short clips of interviews they conducted for their film, organized by topic. Medicating Normal explores how pharmaceutical companies expanded the markets for their psychiatric drugs and tells the personal stories of people harmed by this commercial enterprise.

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Voices for Choices

From the Director: “Voices for Choices is the first of its kind. Courageous individuals speak out about their experience with the mental health system’s use of force and coercion. They share about alternative approaches and healing modalities they have explored and their effective approaches to organizing and activism.

My name is Jim Flannery and I am proud to be part of the team behind Voices for Choices. It is our goal to break the silence, connect with one another, heal, and organize to drive a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system. This is the journey of the healer and the activist.”

Most Popular


Host Morgan Campbell MD, together with end-users of mental health resources, critique the latest psychiatry research. They share their hopes for future therapies and for changes to culture. They also assess ethical issues raised by the research. Visit the Brainsplain page for more videos.


Parenting Today: Raising Strong Resilient Kids

Parenting Today is produced by Heather Juergensen and Eric Maisel.  To learn more about our individual work, please visit Eric Maisel at and Heather Juergensen at If you’re enjoying this series and find it useful, please tell other parents about it. To learn more about the series please visit and join our community!

Recent Blogs


Sharna Olfman, Ph.D. highlights the work of researchers and practitioners who embrace a holistic approach, with expertise in the science of epigenetics, the microbiome, early brain development, and planetary health. Each podcast will be accompanied by an article that amplifies the themes and explicates the science.


Individual videos