J&J to Pay $181 Million for Fraudulent Risperdal Marketing


Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $181 million, and to more accurate marketing and research reporting practices, to settle consumer protection claims by 36 states over illegal marketing of Risperdal. J&J had previously agreed to pay up to $2.2 billion to the federal government, $1 billion to Arkansas, $327 million to South Carolina, and $257 million to Louisiana to settle similar claims.

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J&J Pays $181M To States For Risperdal Marketing

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Kermit Cole
Kermit Cole, MFT, founding editor of Mad in America, works in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a couples and family therapist. Inspired by Open Dialogue, he works as part of a team and consults with couples and families that have members identified as patients. His work in residential treatment — largely with severely traumatized and/or "psychotic" clients — led to an appreciation of the power and beauty of systemic philosophy and practice, as the alternative to the prevailing focus on individual pathology. A former film-maker, he has undergraduate and master's degrees in psychology from Harvard University, as well as an MFT degree from the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia. He is a doctoral candidate with the Taos Institute and the Free University of Brussels. You can reach him at [email protected].


  1. “A designated portion of the total amount will be paid to each state participating in the settlement.”

    $181,000,000 to 36 states.

    I’ve been a resident of 4 states. Each state always cries poverty: “we don’t have the funding” and “we don’t have the funds”. I’m REAL tired of hearing STATE AGENCY AGENTS crying poverty. They’re trained, just doing their jobs.

    Last July, the United States decided to unnecessarily torment, threaten and terrorize it’s citizens by reporting via mass media that August’s Social Security payments were in jeopardy and might not be paid. At the same time, citizens had to endure the affliction and insult that Obama and all of his friends were going to enjoy and celebrate his August birthday with an obscene FUNDRAISER. Yeah, it called me out and I came out swinging, with fists. Why? Because I could just imagine all of the “idiots” and “retards” and mental cripples who would BELIEVE that their money wasn’t going to arrive in August when I knew damn well that YES THE HELL IT WOULD.

    The United States sued the tobacco industry and then went on to hike taxes, unending.

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    $2,200,000,000 (two billion, two hundred million dollars)
    $158,000,000 (one hundred fifty eight million credits)
    $1,000,000,000 (one billion profits)
    $1,100,000,000 (one billion, one hundred million gains)
    $1,250,000,000 (one billion, two hundred fifty million digits)

    Which party will be celebrating their settlement victories? Will people be dressed in their Brooks Brothers’ suits and what will they drink and what will they eat? There’s only crackers and apples for snacking on the psyche wards.

    Ye know, now that I think of it …

    I worked in the money room for Brinks, Inc. and I also worked for Brooks Brothers.

    Isn’t that funny?

    I was paid less than ten dollars and hour to count millions. And my job at Brooks Brothers? I had to inspect people’s work and return their mistakes to them.

    I don’t know who J&J is, but where are you getting this money that you’re able to pay it out? Did you get that money from the government, maybe? And now that you’ve used it to grow yourself, you’re paying it back?

    That’s cute, and I’m clever.

    Well I’m just stinkin’ out loud. Hmm. I’m left wondering – what do these states plan to do with these funds?

    I highly recommend you CEASE TELLING PEOPLE THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS NO MONEY and no funds.

    Lemme go check the prophecies of “impending global economic collapse”.

    Oh, and here’s a really cool website for settlements. Look, Paxil’s on the list. Heh, paxil made me HOMICIDAL but I can’t collect on anything because Medicare or Medicaid paid for it.


    If the United States thinks for one minute that I, or anyone, will look at these “settlements” as ANY sort of progress or RESTITUTION TO THE PEOPLE (see, cuz a disability check just ain’t cuttin’ it)…


    I spend all of my time in wait.

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    • The really interesting thing about all of this is that the victims who’ve been damaged by the toxic drugs produced by companies like Johnson and Johnson never see one penny of this money. It all goes into different kinds of funds in the state government. it’s really disgusting.

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      • We’re compensated by Social Security Disability payments. It is an “award” of “benefits” to people who have been injured to the point of incapacitation.

        I get the whole package: cash payment, housing, food stamps, medicare and medicaid. In truth, I’m actually not so thankful. Why? Because it comes with a load of abuse and hatred from society at large. The price tag on my head is about $20,000 per year – and that’s $20,000 that society does not want to pay.

        I think I will not ever get over / get past the fact that for less than $10.00 an hour, I counted the elite’s MILLIONS and inspected the suits they wear.

        *OWNED SLAVE*

        and it should not be expected of me to be so gloriously happy about it.

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  2. Another thing I find really interesting is that none of the parties that are privy to this case say that all of this money is a fine or punishment! Well, then what in the hell is it? aND THEY ADMIT NO WRONG DOING AT ALL! I say that these companies and the people responsible for running them are getting off cheaply. Where are the jail and prison sentences for these crooks? Fact is, the FDA, the justice system, and these companies are all in cahoots with one another. It’s disgusting.

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