Steven Morgan Presentation on Soteria Vermont

Steven Morgan, former Project Developer of Soteria Vermont, provides an overview of this state-funded initiative. Soteria Vermont intends to “work with people having a first or second psychotic break who have not had substantial exposure to neuroleptic medication.” According to the Pathways Vermont website, its primary service will be “interpersonal relationship-building in a safe, flexible, empowering, and homelike environment. Additionally, Soteria Vermont will offer trauma-informed peer supports, Naturopathic consultation, voluntary medication in selective instances, techniques for stress reduction, access to creative tools, skill development, gardening, healthy food, and the ability for folks to continue social roles.” Soteria Vermont is expected to open in mid-to-late 2013.

Mad in America will be tracking the progress of the Soteria Project in Vermont as part of its on-going chronicle of alternative approaches in mental healthcare.


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  1. Hi Steven,
    I am currently trying to describe the book Madness and Civilization to the lay people in the psychiatric survivor movement. I understand Foucault in light of Jung and Freud, but still need to read Robert Whitaker’s book. I have read 3 of Foucault’s books and a smattering of Freud and Jung’s collected works. I understand what it means, but it is difficult to condense. I hope to publish future articles on the Mad in America site, in small doses. I appreciate your contributions to the site and would like to strike up a dialogue with you via email. Hopefully you can look up my email address with my login info. since I don’t want to share it publicly in this post. Let me know where I can reach you. Yes, I do understand what Foucault was getting at. It has a bit of magnitude in shedding light on the psychiatric survivor movement and it needs to be said.

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