“Our Kids Are on too Many Drugs — and the Drug Companies Win”


Salon notes that “The glut of diagnoses and subsequent medication raises a whole raft of questions about what’s happening with our children, and how we’re handling it. The New York Times noted this week that, ‘Some parents are pressuring doctors to help with their children’s troublesome behavior and slipping grades.'”

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  1. This would be a good exposure of the horrible abuse of our children with 1 in 5 boys given the bogus ADHD label and kiddie cocaine. However, the article is ruined by the fraud statement that there are two catagories here of too many mis/overdiagnosed children and those with “real neurological disorders” per the journalist “expert” and another bogus claim that the ADHD disease is real by a so called doctor, so mis/overdiagnosing is said to be the problem that grows and grows each year.

    The problem is ADHD was created to serve the psychiatry/BIG PHARMA cartel to make billions from kiddie cocaine while preying on our children by manipulating parents that these horrible drugs would improve their school performance and lives in general when the opposite is true. These drugs can be very dangerous to children’s health too in addition to their social relating. There are many books like ADHD FRAUD, RUNNING ON RITALIN, TALKING BACK TO RITALIN and others exposing this sham. I have also read that many given the ADHD stigma are given the horrific neuroleptic drugs, so which stigma is doled out has little to do with the fact one would get the latest most lucrative drugs on patent that make the most profit.

    This article proves our country has lost its moral compass.

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    • Donna;

      We Finally got rid of Teen Screen,


      and mere weeks later, the monster is back:

      Is That Kid Normal? BMS & Janssen/Risperdal Back In Schools: Condemning Kids Again.


      Will Someone Please show me Where, in Any of our Laws, these kids or anyone else owns a Right to be defrauded and dragged into this drug deal?

      “Is That Kid Normal”?

      NORMAL? As decided by Who and Re-educated/Indoctrinated by What idiotic, destructive Agenda?


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      • This is monstrously evil and I hope any parents involved will fight it like hell like those of Ablechild.org while they still have those rights, of course.

        The fact that this is openly funded by BIG PHARMA is so vile, ludicrous, repulsive, sickening……….it makes my head spin!

        As you probably know, the horrific drug company sponsored Teen Screen harmed many teens and families with bogus stigmas, bullying parents, falsely accusing teens of being suicidal that almost drove them and their families to it due to the harassment and rights violations, etc.

        As I said, such actions by our government and country in general show that we have lost our moral compass. That’s because psychopaths have hijacked the globe as explained at the web site and book, POLITICAL PONEROLOGY, and experts on psychopathy, Dr. Robert Hare, WITHOUT CONSCIENCE, SNAKES IN SUITS: WHEN PSYCHOPATHS GO TO WORK; Dr. Hervey Cleckley, THE MASK OF SANITY; Dr. Martha Stout, THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR; Dr. John Clarke, WORKING WITH MONSTERS, etc. Once one understands how the psychopathic mind works, all becomes much more clear.

        Thanks for another depressing heads up.

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