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We want to thank all of you who have become MIA members and supported us with a contribution. Since we began this member initiative, we have received support from about 150 people, who have contributed $7,313 through June 30 of this year. We hope that more of our readers will become members and support MIA, as this is the only financial support we receive to run this website.

Here is an updated report on our finances, our readership, and our future plans. Most important, we are pleased to announce that we are now planning to hold a Mad In America International Film Festival from October 9th-12th, 2014, at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.


MIA Income Statement, January 1 2013 through June 30 2013.

MIA Member Support $7,313
Total Income $7,313
Labor (Editorial and Web Management) $16,165
Internet hosting fees, etc. $1,978
Rent $500
Banking fees $152
Legal $109
Misc $132
Total expenses $19,036
Net (loss) ($11,723)

Readership report, January through June 2013

Unique Visitors: 228,148

Total Pageviews: 1.5 Million

Number of Countries Reached: 196

Top 10 Countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark

Top Google Search Terms (by Impressions): Seroquel, Ablixa, Benzo, Benzo Withdrawal

Most Popular Articles:
1) Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill
2) Not so Black: Ablixa and Homicidal Side Effects
3) After Seroquel
4) Things Your Doctor Should Tell You About Antidepressants
5) There’s No Duct Tape for Benzo Withdrawal

Planning for a Mad In America International Film Festival, September 2014

Mad In America is planning to hold a 3-day international film festival from October 9th-12th, 2014, at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.  We expect it will include the following:

  • Documentary films from the U.S. and abroad
  • Showings of classic “mad” films
  • “Mad” artwork
  • Possible theatre presentations


 We Need Your Support

Your support is what enables us to run this website, and also build a community that, I believe, is helping to promote real change in how our society thinks about psychiatric disorders and possible treatments for them. As our community of readers includes people from 196 countries, the website is prompting such rethinking of psychiatry in many social circles. With the financial support of our readers, Mad in America will continue to evolve and grow.

For those who have become MIA members, we thank you. And if you have not become a member, please consider whether you would like to support us in building this community, and helping our website continue.

–Robert Whitaker


Mad in America hosts blogs by a diverse group of writers. These posts are designed to serve as a public forum for a discussion—broadly speaking—of psychiatry and its treatments. The opinions expressed are the writers’ own.


Mad in America has made some changes to the commenting process. You no longer need to login or create an account on our site to comment. The only information needed is your name, email and comment text. Comments made with an account prior to this change will remain visible on the site.


  1. It’s interesting that small Northern countries such as Finland, Sweden and Denmark have been giving so much hits to this site. I live in Finland and it often seems that in the public discussion there’s no discussion about the drugs, etc, at all. And for example in Finland, there’s only five million people living in the whole country! I hope I didn’t cause all of those clicks by myself. 😉

    The biggest problem for me to subscribing was the trouble of subscribing. Surely I can give a pint per month to MiA, but the subscribing process seemed too troublesome. I decided it’s worth it.

    (BTW, I keep on having issues with paying. It whines about the address – it might be a foreign country issue. I’ll try it again tomorrow and if it still doesn’t work, I’ll contact Matthew or someone.)

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  2. If anyone needs any reminders why this site is needed, please visit Pete Early’s blog and read all the comments. Please, please, please donate whatever you can if you haven’t done so already. THIS SITE CANNOT DIE DUE TO LACK OF FUNDING.

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  3. Fundraising idea for the first 10 days of August: every reader adopts an MIA blogger for a day with a special $10 dollar donation and a thank you for how that person’s writing has been a valuable read for us.

    I have a long list but my first tenner is a thank you for Laura Delano’s blog for giving my twenties something son hope for recovery.

    Matt, how many regular readers are there, including reader/writers?

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  4. That’s a nice healty sum of money that has come in but also quite a large debt. I guess you have a financial projection. I hope the rest gets paid off.

    A film festival sounds a nice idea and a good way of moving outwards and encourageing more of a movement, one that builds on what has already happened of course.

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  5. I would like to donate but was unable to do so from Australia. The blue button system doesn’t accept my card number, and the orange Paypal page only allows input of American states even when my country is specified. Groan. Anyway, keep up your brilliantly encouraging and motivating compassion.

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    • You can create a paypal account with an Australian address. You may need to create the account first, and then come back to our page and click the orange Donate button, since our donate link defaults to the US version of Paypal. If you login with your Australian account from the donate page, that should work fine. I’d like it if you would like me know.

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