“When Doctors Discriminate”


Sunday’s New York Times‘ Opinion page includes this opine: “If you met me, you’d never know I was mentally ill. In fact, I’ve gone through most of my adult life without anyone ever knowing — except when I’ve had to reveal it to a doctor. And that revelation changes everything. It wipes clean the rest of my résumé, my education, my accomplishments, reduces me to a diagnosis.”

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  1. I found the above article to appear to be a bogus Big Pharma/bipolar disease mongering ad for this junk science stigma that has now replaced schizophrenia as psychiatry’s “sacred symbol” or usual false justification of its predatory existence.

    I was/am revolted by this disgusting article just as I was about the lawyers whining about the consequences of their bogus bipolar and other garbage can psychiatric DSM stigmas in another NYT article posted at MIA just recently. I mean seriously? I sure wouldn’t want these lawyers representing me if I was falsely accused of the crime of being “mentally ill” based on INVALID DSM labels per the NIMH resulting in the most vicious, cruel and unusual punishment beyond even that of serial killers perpetrated by the most vile, lying, corrupt biopsychiatrists. In fact, the mental death profession usually fights for the rights and freedom of psychopaths while vilifying their victims. Hmmmm….Work and domestic psychopaths or abuser bully mobbers routinely abuse and traumatize their victims creating more fodder for the mental death profession to deceive that their psycho instilled trauma is really bipolar so all these psychos can have a good sadistic laugh at the victims’ expense. Then the psycho lawyers get involved to extract their pound of flesh by aiding the abusers while demolishing the woman and children. So, all the psychos get their due with the mental death profession leading the pack by lying and denying the victims’ abuse trauma while pretending she is a dangerous, deranged severely mentally ill bipolar criminal to be poisoned unto the earliest death for the perfect sentence.

    Anyone who falls for the bogus bipolar fraud fad now has to be living in a cave with no means of any communication.

    If such seemingly smart and/or educated people don’t have the sense, intelligence or sanity to question the junk science of biopsychiatry and do some homework, I don’t think they have much credibility. And in this day and age, it’s hard not to come across more and more challenges to the legitimacy of biopsychiatry, bipolar and other rubbish.

    Thus, I can only assume that these never ending garbage articles from the NYT especially are more Big Pharma ads for the wrecking ball of the latest fad fraud bipolar stigma with its poison drugs to obain its necessary ad/blood money. Unfortunately, when they publish such garbage, they destroy all their credibility and any respect and good will they may have earned in the past.

    How the NYT and its cohorts can publish such garbage with any pretense of honesty after all the exposure of the bogus DSM and its junk science stigmas like bipolar boggles my mind. The supposed intelligence claimed by the female claiming to have the fake disease of bipolar and the qualifications of the so called mentally ill lawyers of another article worried about gaining and retaining their credentials have sure lost any credibility for any research skills in my opinion unlike the great Attorney Jim Gottstein, our hero here at MIA.

    Nassir Ghaemi, who makes his sordid career as a big “mood disorders” expert, meaning he is trying to stigmatize everyone on the planet with the junk science bipolar disorder, asks why people hate psychiatrists. Ghaemi has written many articles and books pushing the bipolar fad fraud even on famous dead people like Lincoln, Kennedy and others, which is especially vile to go back and malign heroes with this bogus insult stigma.

    Ghaemi has also collected every evil fraud ad ploy of Big Pharma with the most corrupt examples invented by Mitch Daniels who came up with the brilliant ploy of always blaming the victims for any and all dangerous, deadly, iatrogenic effects of the latest toxic drugs by saying these so called side effects are part of the victims’ mental illness. Thus, Dr. David Healy exposes in his great book, MANIA, that those like Daniels tried to hide the mania, violence, suicide, akathasia and other dangerous effects of SSRI’s by claiming these were part of the victims’ mental illness and they really had bipolar and not depression. The Physician’s Desk Reference says its the SSRI drugs and not bipolar causing these iatrogenic effects. Anyway, per Dr. Ghamie, there is all kinds of evidence that those converting from SSRI’s to so called bipolar is well documented. Yes, by Mitch Daniels when CEO of Eli Lilly! Anyway, Dr. Ghamei is quite shameless about his huge over promotion of bipolar and the toxic organ damaging lithium zombifier to “treat” it.

    These are the times I am very grateful for Dr. David Healy’s great and frequent debunking of bipolar babble and bipolar mythology and other desperately needed “doses of sanity” when dealing with such insanity!

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  2. Hi Donna,

    I understand what you’re saying but in my opinion, the most relevant issue is that anyone on this board with a current or past psych med history who goes to a regular doctor is in danger of getting inferior medical care because of that. Of course, if you no longer take meds, you can hopefully hide your history (as long as electronic medical records don’t pick them up). But if someone is currently on meds, that may not be a wise to thing to do.

    And the other issue to keep in mind is even if you aren’t diagnosed with a “mental illness” label, if you are provided a psych med for a non psych drug, that may be held against you by several doctors. Or a doctor may not believe you have a mental illness but will use the label to get reimbursed by insurance.

    Anyway, I thought this blog entry had some good suggestions in dealing with these situations:


    As a warning, it does talk about people having mental illness. But if you can look past that, it has some suggestions for trying to get a doctor to look past previous harmful diagnoses.

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  3. This occurs to the extreme on inpatient wards. If you need a doctor for a medical condition, you will get 30 seconds of a staff member insisting you don’t need a doctor, or promising one which never, ever arrives. As far as they’re concerned, if you don’t need to be in the ICU, you don’t need a doctor. Nobody wants a medical doctor showing up and pointing out all the dangerous, painful health problems the psych drugs are causing you. On another note, I don’t want to invalidate this woman’s experiences, but I have to wonder if some of these doctors were acting like this because they weren’t “allowed” to say, There is nothing I can give you that will stop these psych drugs from ruining your stomach. You are on so many psych drugs, I cannot give you painkillers. It does seem strange that her ear infection couldn’t be treated. Can anyone explain if perhaps she is on so many drugs that even antibiotics could be dangerous? I know surgery is not possible for people on certain psych drugs. Could you imagine if your psychiatrist said, By the way, while you are on this drug, emergency surgery will not be possible, so don’t participate in any contact sports, drive very carefully, and don’t develop any fast growing tumors? Can’t help but wonder if the big problem here is that medical doctors aren’t “allowed” to explain to psych patients that their drugs are ruining their health. Leave the side effects to the psychiatrist. So they say nothing except maybe, I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

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