“When Philosophy Meets Psychiatry”


The New York Times highlights the Maudsley Philosophy Group, a London seminar that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, philosophers and others interested in “looking at various models to help us understand what we were doing as psychiatrists.” “You can only learn so much from reading journal articles,” said one participant. “The problem is that, as you move towards abstraction, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that people are dealing with real suffering and real dysfunctions. We need to remember that those dysfunctions — whether of the brain or of the mind — are linked to a real individual who is going through a devastating crisis.”

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  1. “More recently, some scientists have tried to locate consciousness in different parts of the brain. ”

    You’ll never find consciousness in the brain. It isn’t OF the brain. I was conscious before the universe even existed. Most people have absolutely NO understanding of what I just said.

    ““I’m on a ward with teenagers — boys and girls — who complain of hearing voices,” she said. “So how do I discriminate between the ones who are really having hallucinations and those who are just listening to their own thoughts? ”

    The first thing you can do is ditch the brainwash. Hallucination? Open your MIND to see. There’s WAY more to “hearing voices” that people don’t even know about – because you are

    B R A I N W A S H E D

    (my higher intelligence is at work right now, and I’m NOT going to deposit that detailed information here, but I am going to make this note of it)

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    • I agree, consciousness is not in the brain. I may have a tiny idea of what you’re talking about here but I don’t want to post something that might cause one of those “religious” and very contentious “discussions” that we sometimes get into here on MIA. I’m not talking about you being contentious either; most of the time in almost all instances, I’m behind you 100%.

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