“Dr. Lieberman’s Latest”


Behaviorism and Mental Health takes note of a new blog by Jeffrey Lieberman, the president of the APA, in which he claims both that psychiatry has “nothing to be defensive about” and that he is excited about the prospects for transformation of the APA, with a new mission of “Recovery.”  “… A huge departure from psychiatry’s insistence over the past four decades that the ‘illnesses’ they ‘treat’ are essentially incurable and can only be kept in remission by the uninterrupted ingestion of psychoactive pharmaceutical products as prescribed by a psychiatrist.”

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  1. He stated that he ran for APA president

    “…because I felt mad and wanted to use all of the power and influence of APA to speak up and stick up for our profession.”

    If he felt mad why didn’t he just take a neuroleptic tranquilizer? Like I’ve been forced to (because anger is not allowed). Try being mad or angry in a locked psych ward, see what happens.

    Then he says “nothing to be defensive about”

    But you wanted to “stick up for” (which means defend) your profession.

    When I’ve been defensive I was treated as guilty – forcing me to defend myself even more. Well youse killed me now so don’t worry about it, champs. When psychiatry is dead, that still won’t be good enough for me.

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