“When Did Sadness Become a Disease? How We’ve Pathologized Everyday Life”


Alternet reviews two new books, (“One Nation Under Stress: The Trouble with Stress as an Idea“, and “How Everyone Became Depressed: The Rise and Fall of the Nervous Breakdown“) “…Here’s the bad news: you’re stressed out and depressed. The good news? According to two recent books, you’ve got a lot of company.”

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  1. Though it is good to be aware of these two new books, I think the book by Edward Shorter deserves special negative attention.

    It is important to know that Shorter is a great proponent of the glories and efficacy of horrific brain damaging ECT proven by many studies to be useless, life destroying and causing all the more depression and even suicide once the victim realizes their permanent great loss of memory, career and other skills, major parts of their lives, great reduction in cognitive skills and intelligence and other horrors are the real “efficacy” of ECT. I’ve posted lots of articles by experts like Dr. Peter Breggin and many others including Bentall & Read exposing the fraud of ECT being promoted as a safe and effective treatment. Even Harold Sackeim admitted at the end of his sordid, evil career as a main ECT pusher that ECT did indeed cause permanent brain damage and memory loss while finally admitting the patients he discredited for being “mentally ill” were right all along. See Linda Andre’s highly acclaimed book, Doctors of Deception, and her related web site.

    Edward Shorter was the joint author of the horrible infomercial book with David Healy, Shock Therapy, which was/is just a tribute to the worst, most horrific ECT liar/pusher of all, Max Fink. This book was mostly funded by Fink’s so called foundation.


    Thus, to understand the fraud and evil behind Shorter’s latest book described above, one has to realize that the small, but very wealthy cult of ECT pushers has been fighting to get the new stigma/diagnosis of melancholia back because the ECT pushers including Michael Taylor, author of Hippocrates Cried, and others insist that ECT is the best treatment for melancholia, which is an outrageous, money grubbing fraud. ECT is quite lucrative and many of its great pushers have ties and/or ownership in ECT device companies as did Harold Sackeim he hid from NIMH when getting grants. I was horrified to read that Max Fink campaigned constantly to get catatonia in the DSM 5 for the vile purpose of pushing more ECT for this bogus stigma and he succeeded. Thus, it is probably only a matter of time before ECT pushers win with melancholia too though they can use any stigma they want to commit this deadly criminal violation of their victims, which consists mainly of women. They are working to prey on children with ECT just like the drug company sales rep doctors did for drugs.

    Here is an interview with Edward Shorter where he expresses his views on the history of depression while using it as another infomercial to push ECT as a great, safe treatment that should be used for melancholia and other so called “mental illnesses.” One should bear in mind that Max Fink, the head of this evil ECT cult, has been pushing the brain damaging ECT for children greatly too. I cannot believe the outrageous dishonesty of Shorter to promote ECT that causes permanent, life destroying brain damage as a very safe and effective treatment. In my opinion, men like him should be jailed or at least shorn of any medical or any other license to kill. Psychopathy or malignant narcissism as is obvious here should also be reason enough to remove such weapons from the character disordered “mentally ill.” It is hard to remain calm when confronted with such despicable lies and sadistic predation on fellow humans.


    So, though I applaud the first article here about social stressors being blamed on individuals in the guise of bogus DSM stigmas, I despise Shorter’s nefarious sneaky trick of using his latest book as another ECT infomercial to con the naïve, uninformed public about the so called benefits of this barbaric, criminal practice. But, that’s all the more reason why it is good to have it posted on MIA where its underhanded purpose can be exposed.

    Caveat Emptor.

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