“Critics Claim Antidepressants Are Being Handed Out Like Sweets. Now Our Shocking Experiment Uncovers… The Proof Doctors Are Doling Out Happy Pills to Anyone Who Asks”


The Mail sent three women to their doctors, reporting fictional symptoms of short-term, mild depression.  Two walked out with prescriptions for medication, despite expressions of reluctance to take the medication. Long waiting lists for therapy, the article says, leads many doctors to prescribe the medication despite guidelines advising antidepressants for moderate or severe depression only.

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  1. “”Within ten minutes of telling her GP that she was feeling anxious and was sleeping badly, Nicky Manning was walking out of the consulting room with a prescription for antidepressants.””

    As one who feels that undiagnosed sleep apnea led to years of being on psych meds, I just wanted to alert everyone that anyone who complains about sleep issues with anxiety and depression should be questioned more carefully by doctors to see if a sleep study is warranted. And if you feel one is with these symptoms, demand it and don’t take no for an answer.

    The article is another perfect example of how psych med abuses have transcended psychiatry. A big fat sigh!

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