“Limited Progress Made in Schizophrenia Understanding and Treatment”


Psychiatric Times chronicles the peripatetic progress of “schizophrenia” research, from schizophrenogenic mothers to unspecified genetic lesions and back again via second-trimester embryonic insults, to “Urbanization, migration (especially to a place where the person is very different from the new population), cannabis use (especially in youth), advanced paternal age, childhood abuse/trauma, and social marginalization . . .  Nonetheless, the exact neurobiological pathway to pathogenesis and how the various genetic and environmental factors interact still eludes psychiatry.”

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  1. What a load of crap that article is! I tried to post a reply, but I had to register and I think I have to be a psychiatrist to do so. Probably spitting in the ocean, but it pisses me off how they get away with spouting this bullshit (“60-80% of the cause of schizophrenia is genetic” without any reference,and in the next sentence admitting that there is no known genetic correlation with schizophrenia!) and no one in the profession calls them on it.


    — Steve

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