“The Schizophrenia Stereotype Scares the Sufferer Too”


Britain’s The Independent tells the story of Lloyd Dres, a 44-year-old former stock trader, who has been trying to make sense of the “paranoid schizophrenia” label he has found himself with. “It makes me worry because I don’t know my own mind,” he said.

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  1. Of course the article is propaganda for the “mental health” system.
    Despite the death of a c lose friend, the breakup of a long term relationship with his partner and the loss of his mother, the “experts” insist his distress is a symptom of an illness. Or was it the voice who warned him of the disastrous effects of carbon emissions and global warming? This is not a sick person. He is one of those sensitive people who cannot shut out reality and function like an automaton. But the article says, “Many are kept well and out of hospital by an invisible army of social workers, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists overwhelmingly driven by a sense of compassion, but some patients are reluctant to engage because they find it hard acknowledging their illness, they don’t want to take medication or they believe they’ve got better.” Are these drug pushers overwhelmed by compassion? If they were they’d stop pushing drugs and stop insisting their clients take them. Those who won’t and who refuse to “acknowledge their illness,” are the ones who will recover. (We already know that long-term use of neuroleptics undermines the chances of recovering.)Right now Nath is a propagandist for the mental death system. Hopefully someone from the mad movement can get to him and explain to him how and why he is being deceived.
    Seth Farber,Ph.D.

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    Sorry his name is Lloyd Drew. Brian Nash isd the guy in sidebar who is doing a TV series to push psychiatric propaganda. It is Drew who could be a valuable asset. He needs to be recruited by the HVN. Was it Martha who warned him about the environment?In either case he is not “paranoid schizophrenic.” He is a voice hearer, a canary in the coal mine, a potential prophet. Does he knowe about the failed conference in Warsaw last week? THe shrinks don’t care.

    “He’d been discharged from a psychiatric ward five months earlier after hearing voices, specifically the voice of a 30-year-old woman called “Martha”. She was getting him into trouble, telling him to drive his dad’s Jaguar. Lloyd started to worry that he was damaging the ozone and so decided to rebalance his carbon footprint by stealing a wind turbine from a boat.”

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