“Forget the Headlines – Schizophrenia is More Common Than You Might Think”


The U.K.’s Guardian writes “Schizophrenia isn’t a specific, rare or rigorously defined illness. Instead, it covers a wide range of often unrelated conditions, all of which are also seen in people who are not mentally ill.”

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  1. Please read paragraph 7 of this article. ” Cannabis in large amounts can cause similar effects”. That line links to this study proving THC can and did cause psychotic symptoms in the healthy male subjects who were given an IV dose of THC. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19335936

    The same month and year this clinical study showing the correlation between subjects given an IV dose of THC and + symptoms of psychosis, my then 23 y/o son, perfectly ” normal” and always such a healthy guy who could light up any room with his personality, had NEVER showed signs of clinical depression but who had experienced a ” sea of stressors” led my son to use much more cannabis over a short time period of extreme stress. My son literally almost overnight becomes psychotic, unable to know how to help my son, his father and I drive helplessly around in our car late in the night after finding our son at the first hospital the police took him to when his wife of two months called 911 because he was acting bizarre. The first hospital deemed our son ” not a danger to self or others” and was putting him in a taxi when we showed up. Our son was happy to come with us, but sounding more like an alien, we drove around in circles. Our son was exhibiting rapid speech, delusional thinking with grandiose ideas. The only sensible statement he admitted to us was ” I know you don’t know I use marijuana but I do. It’s harmless and lots of people use it too. It’s natural.” I realized my always healthy, well loved and admired son who had lots of successes in his young life was suddenly a person I didn’t understand but I knew his confession of using cannabis was somehow directly related to why he sounded ” crazy”. As parents, we have always taken our kids to the best doctors. Heck, when my son tore his ACL, I insisted he get a 2nd opinion, and got him an appt with the same surgeon Kobe Bryant had repair him recently. So, asking our son to voluntarily enter a psych hospital who escorted him to a locked unit was the place we absolutely trusted would help our son back to his usual state of mental wellness. Just no one cared to explore what led to the psychosis, not the admitting p-doc, not the staff. When I questioned THE STUDIES ABOUT THE CANNABIS-PSYCHOSIS LINK, I was laughed at by the ” experts”. Instead, my son was assessed to be ” only a recreational user” no problem, no association with his “psychotic break”. Shane was dx with “psychosis NOS, rule out biplolar” even though no ” expert” bothered to research there is NO history of ANY severe MI in our family lines. None! The out-pt p-doc was the worst and brainwashed my son ” bipolar fir life, meds for life” and kept enforcing ” everyone has at least two” ( breaks). My son dutifully took the mood stabilizer and antipsychotic, gaining 55 lbs in 4 months, insisting the meds made his brain ” foggy”. He emerged back to ” normal” 10 wks later and I believed he was cured. My son eventually got off the toxic meds, lost the wt he gained from those meds, found a job in his field after rehabbing his damaged knee, but his marriage was crumbling and he returned to cannabis, despite my warnings I believed this drug was the root cause. But ” the experts” believed otherwise, and his friends and wife enjoyed their recreational use of MJ, so my son started to use again. 18 months from his first breakdown, the second break happened. Again, still believing in ” the system of mental health care” my family finally persuaded Shane to enter for the drug rehab the hospital promised but greedy hospitals, money hungry p-docs who are willing to ignore the + THC toxicology report and massively drug a young man who entered with mild psychosis, there to receive drug rehab only, tricked into their locked unit, held against his will- deny him a court hearing and kept him chemically drugged into a stuporous state for 13 days. Once his PPO ins, beside the $15,000 his parents forked out so he would receive the drug rehab he was denied, my son was then ” dumped” from the locked unit to our home, as his wife abandoned and betrayed him during the hospitalization.

    Why didn’t ONE of these hospitals admit what this study found: cannabis in large amounts can cause psychotic symptoms?????????????? If I found many, many other studies with the same findings cannabis can alter certain, susceptible brains, the ” experts” should not have misdiagnoses Shane as ” bipolar” the du jour dx of this century. My son did not have a manic-depressive personality and had this been the 1980s Shane would have been labelled with some schizophrenia tie, though the cause- from drug use- would have made sense. It was assigning ” bipolar” the more vogue dx with the new generations of meds specific for bipolar just roped my son’s neck. As his life completely fell apart in every possible way, from the brainwashing this bipolar dx was forever, he could not go on and 7 months upon release from this locked unit,chose to end the turmoil he felt being branded with a lifelong, debilitating mental illness.

    As. I read this article, followed the links, seeing the results that THC can cause the brain to spin out. Too bad I can’t find my son and let him know he wasn’t ” crazy” after all as long as he never touched cannabis again. I’d like to know if the psych hospital who deceived my son’s family each day, did egregious treatments to my son, violated his human rights, IF the ” revenue ” he provided ” the system” was really worth his life?

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    • People overdose on marijuana. It’s just like anything else, need to dose things correctly.

      It isn’t meant to be smoked all day long, every day. Two to three tokes is good, per session (when used medicinally, or for meditation). To just suck it down, all day long, is what can make people sick. What would happen if I put half a stick of butter on 6 meals per day? Overkill. Gluttony.

      There’s a right way to toke and a wrong way to smoke.

      I figured that out by experience. Worked for me.

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