James Schroeder, PhD – Long Bio


Jim Schroeder, PhD, is a pediatric psychologist at St. Mary’s Center for Children in Evansville, Indiana.  He resides there with his wife, Amy, and their six children.  He received a BS from Ball State University with a major in psychology and minors in social work and counseling psychology.  He graduated with a PhD in clinical psychology from Saint Louis University in 2005.  As part of this training, he completed an internship in clinical child and pediatric psychology through the University of Louisville School of Medicine, where he worked at Kosair Children’s Hospital and the Bingham Child Guidance Center.  After graduation, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at St. Louis Children’s Hospital through the Washington University School of Medicine.  In addition to seeing youth with a wide range of backgrounds and psychological issues, he specializes in evaluating and working with children (and their families) diagnosed with autism spectrum, learning, sleep and attention-deficit disorders, as well as other developmental issues.  He speaks widely on many topics and has published multiple articles related to the psychological health of youth today, including issues related to technology and media.  He also writes a monthly column entitled Just Thinking (www.stmarys.org/articles), designed to inform, educate, and motivate parents and providers in applying pertinent research in meaningful, practical ways.

Much of his work and personal life focuses on finding the best ways to understand, synthesize, and maximize the four primary dimensions of our being —social, psychological, physical, and spiritual.  In addition to his role as a spouse, father, psychologist, and writer, Dr. Schroeder is actively involved in endurance racing, including triathlons and most recently ultramarathons.  He has published the book Into the Rising Sun, which is a very personal account of his own journey to the 2011 Louisville Ironman.  It details stories of suffering and triumph left untold by millions, that are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Most recently, he has published the book Wholiness:  The Unified Pursuit of Health, Harmony, Happiness, and Heaven.  It focuses on the ways in which the pursuit of holiness is synonymous with the drive towards wholeness.