“Escaping the Asylum Mentality”


Rufus May writes about leaving Britain’s National Health Service after 18 years of trying to create change from the inside, writing “I now want to try to work outside it to promote more emancipatory approaches to mental health . . . We need to give up thinking in terms of mental illness and mental wellness as either/or categories. We all have delusions and anxieties, we all suffer, yet we also all have moments of awareness and great wisdom.”

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  1. Excellent post! I was dismayed by the prior post by NAMI president claiming great progress in “mental health” and advocating for community support only to find that the post consists of more BIG PHARMA/biopsychiatry/government disease mongering to prey on more victims with so called “preventive” help. By following the link, one finds that “peers” and other such “supporters” seek to ensure medication compliance after getting their “severe mental illness” stigma for suffering emotional distress. Needless to say, though I think the NAMI president probably has good intentions, I was disgusted to find that the article and link especially promoted the same predatory, fraudulent blaming the victims’ brains for problems that are mainly social, environmental and inflicted by the power elite to maintain social control and destroy those who can’t/don’t/won’t fit into their modern slave/prison states with biopsychiatry the current Gulag Archipeligo to silence, punish and destroy any dissidents.

    Anyway, this article by Rufus May came right after that very negative experience and it is an excellent critique of what is horribly wrong with the medical/disease model of biopsychiatry who serve to help support the fascist power elite robbing the globe of all its wealth while enslaving the rest of us. I can certainly see why Rufus May would want to leave the NHS since his view of so called “mental illness” as emotional distress caused by social injustice and alienation inflicted by those in power threatens this psychopathic, narcissistic predation on the majority to negate their humanity and rights for social control purposes while completing their theft of all global wealth and resources while destroying the planet.

    Rufus May has some other very good articles on his web site including a great one by Joanna Moncrieff about The Psychological Is Political.

    Anyway, this post is a fantastic antidote to the disease mongering post to push more of the failed, fraudulent biopsychiatry paradign that preceded this one.

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