“Strength-Based Approaches to Community Healing”


Keris Myrick, MIA blogger and President of the NAMI board of directors, writes in Clinical Psychiatry News about community-based solutions that are working, and mentions the film “Lars and the Real Girl,” whicht “provides an exquisite example of the power of community inclusion for healing not only of the lead character, Lars Lindstrom, but also for the family, health professional, and community as a whole.”

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  1. Knowing what I know about how bogus, invalid DSM stigmas are forced on people often suffering abuse, bullying, rape and other traumas to push lethal drugs and other brain/body damaging “treatments like ECT, the focus on “severe mental illness” here along with the usual gross disease mongering typical of the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma industry make me literally SICK!

    I checked out the link provided and find the typical NAMI, Big Pharma funding collusion to push “medication compliance,” more “preventive focus” on the so called mentally ill by the community which amounts more stigma, forced “treatment” and scapegoating the abused/traumatized in my opinion and other nefarious goals that are all too typical with rights violations galore:


    I don’t see much hope as long as our increasingly fascist government, biopsychiatry, Big Pharma plutocracy continue to expand the “therapeutic state” to rob all the more people of their civil and human rights by pretending that life problems, crises, abuse, injustice, oppression, inequality, bullying, sexism, racism and other social evils are the fault of victims’ individual “diseased brains” needing more coercion and brain damaging “treatments” a la Stalinist Russia!

    I feel nothing but contempt for the approach hyped in this article that is exposed in books like De-Medicalizing Misery, Cracked, Madness Contested, The Therapeutic State, Toxic Psychiatry, Your Drug May be Your Problem, 2nd ed., America Fooled, Mad Science: Psychiatric Coercion, Diagnosis, and Drugs, Psychiatryland and all too many others exposing this deadly, predatory paradigm in the guise of “mental health,” a bogus twist of semantics per Dr. Thomas Szasz as he explains in his great work, The Myth of Mental Illness.

    Having read Keris Myrick’s previous blogs, I believe she has good intentions, but the fact that the doctor highlighted is the Assistant Medical Director of the APA causes me to question others’ intentions after reading the whole post and links. As many know, the so called peer movement has been hijacked by biopsychiatry to force the very harmful, fraudulent biopsychiatry medical model on all those suffering from LIFE itself by making such “peers” focus on medication compliance and accepting your degradation ritual of a life destroying INVALID (per Dr. Thomas Insel of NIMH) junk science stigma.

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  2. I get the RTP newsletter, and a lot of the stuff they talk about is very good. They even talk about avoiding coercion and working with the client on making their own choices. But they seem to simply avoid the question of harm through psychiatric drugs. (A lot of the stuff from SAMSHA is similarly avoidant of the rather large elephant in the living room.) My sense is a lot of the people writing in the newsletter would like to go there, but there is political pressure not to take on that issue directly. Which makes sense considering their connections to psychiatry and NAMI. Keris is great but is operating behind the lines in a hostile environment. I admire her courage for stepping into that role, but we’re a long way from NAMI really starting to focus on the evidence base instead of protecting parents’ and their funders’ feelings with their adherence to the bio-psychiatric line.

    — Steve

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