“Biologism in Psychiatry: A Young Man’s Experience of Being Diagnosed with ‘Pediatric Bipolar Disorder'”


The Journal of Clinical Medicine explores pediatric bipolar disorder through the eyes  a young American, whose story “reveals several issues that afflict contemporary psychiatry, particularly in the USA, where social and economic factors have contributed to the rise of a dominant biomedical paradigm — or ‘biologism’.”

Parry, P.; Biologism in Psychiatry: A Young Man’s Experience of Being Diagnosed with “Pediatric Bipolar Disorder”. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2014, vol. 3., 334-347; doi:10.3390/jcm3020334


  1. Cataract,

    I totally agree with you. This article is fantastic and the “true, caring physician” describing the horrors of the child bipolar fad fraud for the many victims that also include adults through the eyes of one of the many, many child victims exposes just about everything horrific, evil and fraudulent about DSM based bogus biologism in biopsychiatry with its sole, soulless focus on finding “symptoms” to justify destroying others’ lives with bogus stigmas to push lethal drugs on one and all for self serving purposes while deliberately refusing to acknowledge social, relational and other critical factors.

    My only disagreement is that I do not believe that anyone who could do this to a supposed fellow human being and children/toddlers no less could possibly have “good intentions,” but rather, they are obviously psychopathic, malignant narcissists or intraspecies human predators who should be “diagnosed” and “treated” with a life sentence in jail to curtail their ongoing destruction of countless lives.

    I highly recommend this article to everyone as a historical review of how this horrific, deadly, evil paradigm in the so called mental health profession came about.

    Thank you for finding and posting this very enlightening, validating article, Kermit!

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  2. Absolutely, agree, this article really addresses the scam of American psychiatry. Perhaps, such an intellectual dissection of why the psychiatric ” industry” in America has become this twisted could be helpful in persuading the NAMI groups to begin to realize the truth?

    In 2009, when my husband and I brought our then 23 y/0 son to a psych hosp the night his mind, literally within a few hours, spun into another orbit ( as he he confessed to using cannabis + later admitted to some other substances) we absolutely believed our son would be professionally evaluated, assessed, compassionately treated as well as any substances that would be identified on the toxicology report clearly explained how it altered our sons’s mental state. Having myself worked in health care for > 3 decades, wouldn’t I have known the psych “industry” is the evil paradigm of care? Of course not, exactly because Americans have been duped by the ” busi of the psychiatric industry” and only learned by watching in sheer horror how callously, cruelly, and without a shred of compassion or dignity what our son was subjected by this “industry” over the next 10 days though family and friends supported our son during the nightly 2 hr visitation window allowed.

    We resisted the suggestion to join the NAMI group that met at this psych hosp because I absolutely would not accept the quickly assigned dx ” bp” by the hosp, as I waved research about cannabis and psychosis” quickly refuted by the P-doc as ” irrelevant”. I considered joining the ranks of CCHR because their stance on “MI” made great, logical sense but their unfortunate cultish association led me away. I didn’t find MIA until after our son died. I literally stumbled onto RW’s book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, which is how I have come to understand the psychiatric tornado that swept my son, and his family up, ultimately, desecrating our lives.

    WHY wasn’t there a MIA group that greeted us, educated us, and I believe would have helped save our son?? This is IMO where the MIA “movement” needs to head.

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  3. My diagnosis of childhood mania is connected to the season and the amount of time it takes for me to wind down and actually sleep after dark. I begin to start feeling great and always have and I am already high energy as it is so from April til September that if I really just let go I would be psychotic. I don’t meet criteria for the modern model of “pediatric bipolar disorder” at all. Nor does seasonal affective disorder acknowledge the up side of things at all.

    When I read the criteria for “pediatric bipolar disorder” after years of having that label, I didn’t think it fit AT ALL.

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    • also, when abuse occurred at one point after, the trauma wasn’t treated, they just added “conduct disorder” to the label bin. I had recently realized that from 18-22 that I was labeled with “antisocial personality disorder” (I was childish and self centered).

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