“Experiencing Mental Illness Made Me a Better Politician”


Edward Davie writes in the Guardian “… it has been a long time since I had a drink, medication or counselling. Still I think the experience of hitting rock bottom, of using mental health services and of being open about it has made me, for good and ill, the person and politician I am today. By admitting I needed help and being supported to take control of my life I am now happier and healthier than ever.”

Experiencing mental illness made me a better politician (The Guardian)


  1. This article reminds me of the Kennedy family in that all their horrible behavior due to their long term dysfunction has been passed off as “mental illness” including the lobotomy of a sister of the would be president boys, so she wouldn’t get in their way. But, as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, which is especially true of biopsychiatry gaining way to much fascist power to aid and abet the psychopaths hijacking the globe and all its resources to make slaves of the majority or 99%.

    Now, the required ritual for bad behavior outed to the public whether it is drug/alcohol abuse, acting out sexually or other issues used to demonize and scapegoat people by the hypocritical public is to declare one’s self sick and in need of “treatment” and trot off to the appropriate rehab as is the case with this author and many other public figures.

    Just like the recent article on MIA debunking AA and the psychiatric “treatment” industry making billions, the stance promoted by this infomercial for the mental death profession and Big Pharma is vile to say the least and also needs debunking.

    When I saw this author advocating Time To Change to reduce/eliminate stigma by creating more stigma with such bogus claims, I felt totally disgusted by this article:

    “Politicians also need to support efforts like Time to Change to reduce stigma whilst ensuring that services which enable people to take control of their own lives and fulfil their potential are available everywhere they are needed, not just in Bedlam.”

    What a farce!! Bob Whitaker and many others have written about studies that the whole mental death profession as sold out to a biopsychiatry/Big Pharma with its bogus voted in stigmas passed off as brain diseases produces nothing but all the more stigma, ostracism, contempt, abuse, fear and avoidance of those with these fake stigmas. And they also expose the horrific effects of the brain damaging, life destroying deadly “treatments” of biopsychiatry as well with the rest of the profession forced to go along.l

    That’s why we have all these AOT laws coming to a place near you thanks to these fear/disease mongerers who are scapegoating the so called mentally ill for the deadly effects of their lethal SSRI and other drugs causing most if not all public shootings and their refusal to enact more gun control.

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