“Saving Minds Along With Souls”


Tanya Luhrmann writes in the NY Times about Pastor Rick Warren’s effort to “get the church directly involved with the care of people with serious psychiatric illness by training administrators and pastors to handle psychiatric crises, to set up groups within the church for people with serious mental illness and to establish services within the church for people who need them.”

Saving Minds Along With Souls
(NY Times)


  1. How can I say this nicely ?

    I can’t , the end result of psychiatry “all the best doctors” drugging his kid was a suicide.

    I think Rick warren should be here on MadinAmerica speaking out against doing the same thing to more people instead of helping NAMI and its pharma funded agenda to put more people on psychotropic drugs and to force psychiatry on people that don’t want it.

    I read somewhere Mathew started on psychiatric drugs at age 7 , I will try and find that to post and confirm.

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  2. At 7, he was diagnosed as clinically depressed which surprised us as we were unaware that children that young could be that depressed. As the years went by, he began to experience major depressive episodes as well as panic attacks, extreme mood swings, obsessions/compulsions, personality disorder, and heartbreaking problems in school and relationships.


    “he was diagnosed” = He was drugged almost always when it comes to psychiatry,

    Panic attacks, extreme mood swings, obsessions/compulsions= the known “side” effects I got from psychiatric drugs.

    The article also includes “According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)”

    NAMI is funded by the pharmaceutical industry , not exactly the most honest group of people in the world.

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  3. It is sad, the antidepressants now warn right in the black box that they can cause “mania, suicides, and violence.” And the pastor can’t figure out it was likely the drug that made his son commit suicide? I’m simply amazed by the “lack of insight” in this country.

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