“Chuck Norris Warns Antidepressants Can Depress”


Chuck Norris writes in WND: “I believe that too many who struggle with mild cases of depression don’t think they can find genuine relief without a pill. And it’s important for people know that in the wrong hands and taken the wrong ways, antidepressants can actually depress or worse. There’s a brand-new study conducted by epidemiologists at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine and shows that “kids and young adults starting on high doses of antidepressants are at especially high risk, especially in the first three months of treatment,” according to the Los Angeles Times.”

Chuck Norris Warns Antidepressants Can Depress (WND)


  1. Heh. I really don’t know how to adjust to this information with all the Chuch Norris jokes out there. I’ll just say, psychiatrists be very careful… Chuch Norris might be watching what you say. 🙂

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  2. One guy told Chuck Norris he has a chemical imbalance in his brain… Chuck Norris proved that guy had an imbalance of roundhouse kicks to ass.

    The Great Depression actually started when Chuck Norris tried an SSRI … it ended when he spat it out.

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