Legislators: Don’t try to sneak this through as an amendment. (HB1386)


(For more information on HB1386, see my prior post. It was killed in committee Friday, May 2, 2014, in part thanks to my efforts. Also, see this article in the Denver Post, blaming the gun lobby for the failure of the bill.)

Dear Reps. Kraft-Tharp and Gardner, and Sens. Johnston and King:

Your next move will be an amendment to another measure. Do not attempt.

If you do, I will out you for all to see.

I’m not the gun lobby, I’m not with the gun lobby. I’m the mental patient that’s killed two of your bills in the name of civil rights. With help, of course, but that’s how it always is. Well, I actually killed HB1253 all by myself. Just ask McCann.

And HB1253 killed HB1386. So, basically, I messed up your program to fuck over my people.

You’ve pulled bogus crap with this since the beginning. You’ve lied about task force recommendations. You’ve pulled suprise buttsex scheduling, when proponents somehow got the message, and opponents were left scrambling to get there. Twice. You basically filibustered us on Wednesday, which was also scheduled without notice.

You fricking came for my civil rights under cover of darkness.

I’m amazed at how far you’d go to attempt to put me in a cage for having a mental illness.

I am dangerous. Politically dangerous. Not physically dangerous.

I’d like to establish a rapport with you, so that I need not drop improprieties in the process to the media and a bunch of your constituents every time you come for my people’s civil rights. Nice article in the Denver Post, by the way. You kept any mention of mental patients opposing your measure out of it, and tried to blame the gun lobby.

But I won’t let you forget me.

Let the Senate know there are tapes from the House where, proper notice being given, opponents did show up, and the Library downstairs keeps old posted Senate Calendars, each day, which really show something odd — no advance mention of HB1386 despite senate rule 22(3)(d).

And, remember, I offered to deal over the removal of the word ‘imminent’. You turned me down.

I’m not even a lobbyist. I’m a civil rights activist, and I can ruin your day.

I’ll be watching.

-Aubrey Shomo


    Friend, Sen. Lumberg
    Foe, Rep. McCann

    The Press.


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