“Drugged Up: Psychiatry is over-reliant on chemical cures. It’s Time to Look at the Facts, Not the Fallacies.”


Psychiatrist Bob Johnson writes in IAI News, “If ever there were a case for an outside body to let the light in, then it’s here, today, in psychiatry. If today’s psychiatry is working, why are claims for mental disability going up? Why is there accumulating evidence that sufferers do better OFF the medication than on? . . . The answer is that it is the psychiatrists who are addicted to hard medications. It’s a case of “I’ve made up my mind, don’t confuse me with facts.”
Drugged Up: Psychiatry is over-reliant on chemical cures. It’s Time to Look at the Facts, Not the Fallacies. (IAI News)

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  1. From the article: ” In my work I focus on convincing the individual that this trauma is now over, and they blossom. And we are talking about the most severe forms, the 3% of severe psychoses, severe depressions, severe bi-polar. In every case, if you look for it, you find severe trauma.”

    I would dispute this assertion. Every case?

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    • In my case it was the way I dealt with my thoughts and feelings, it was a question of a change of approach. I don’t know about trauma, because everybody suffers from trauma.
      Drug Withdrawal Syndrome is a world of its own in terms of trauma – and this is what locks people in to long term mental illness.

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  2. Dr Bob Johnson is right about the mental disability expense – I was on a disability cheque for the period of time I was on medication, and when I stopped the strong drugs I was back to proper work. It wasn’t mental disability exactly – it was physical, these drugs are profoundly disabling.

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