Eliminating certain foods may help ADHD symptoms


A team of Danish nutritionists, medical doctors, and psychiatrists have published a review of the scientific literature on ADHD and diet in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry. They analyzed 52 studies, some investigatingĀ  avoiding certain food elements, and others looking at adding certain food elements. “Elimination diets and fish oil supplementation seem to be the most promising dietary interventions for a reduction in ADHD symptoms in children,” concluded the researchers. They cautioned that the studies had “shortcomings,” and more thorough investigations are required.

Diet in the treatment of ADHD in childrenā€”A systematic review of the literature (Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, June 2014. doi:10.3109/08039488.2014.921933)


    • OK, good morning. Copy Cat — I put a question to you on Brogan’s blog entry, but if it’s out of the question to search your memory banks, not a problem. I was also wondering how you got started on this direction. You may have said so and I read your posts now whenever running across them. My interest is what got the ball rolling beyond prevailing mood of dissatisfaction with the care on offer.

      For myself, confidence that I was right that they were not onto anything in a way beneficial to me, never waned. The worry was that something worse left unexamined in the data set would come alive to haunt me. So I want to know if some particular facts or something more instinctual is what you feel led you to this lucky place. No survey being conducted, still trying to do myself good, though.

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