Patch Adams Speaking in Concord, MA — June 18


Renowned “doctor, clown and healer” Patch Adams will be speaking during the opening day summer schedule sessions for Village University in Concord, Massachusetts on Wednesday, June 18, 2014. During an evening panel entitled, “The Healing of Our Modern Medical Model: First Do No Harm?”, Adams will be joined by Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, author of A First Rate Madness: Exploring the Links between Mental Illness and Leadership,  Robert Whitaker, Harvard Medical School’s Regis De Silva, and ex-patient and current advocate Steve Lappen, amongst others. (UPDATE JUNE 17: Patch Adams has had to cancel. See link following for more details.)

Village University Program Information


  1. I must say that reading the background and goal of Village University in Concord, Massachusetts based on the works of enlightened men like Emerson, it is very disheartening to see the likes of Nassir Ghaemi on the schedule with those like Robert Whitaker.

    Though Ghaemi misrepresents himself as a “scientist” on the list, he is the worse bipolar disease mongering biopsychiatrist in the entire profession who has been challenged many times by Dr. David Healy in his great book, Mania, and many articles, Dr. Allen Frances in his book, Saving Normal and dissenting articles, and many others. Dr. Frances has expressed regret about the bipolar and ADHD epidemics the DSM IV he edited helped create especially among children. But, not Ghaemi: He claims that bipolar is still greatly underdiagnosed so he is doing all in his ill gotten power to include every abuse, rape, trauma victim and those given the bogus borderline insult for their abuse related trauma in his bipolar agenda that Dr. Healy exposes as “the latest mania” and “bipolar babble.” Dr. Joel Paris calls Ghaemi’s agenda “bipolar imperialism.” Dr. Johanna Moncrieff has also lamented about the huge expansion of the bogus bipolar to push the latest toxic neuroleptics, lithium and other lethal drugs on a brainwashed public.

    The fact that Ghaemi makes his living as a self appointed expert in so called mood disorders should cause one to pause when confronted with his bipolar agenda. Also, he wants to eliminate depression diagnoses and round them up in his bipolar cesspool as well. One astute observer wondered if the fact that SSRI antidepressants are coming off patent while neuroleptics are still on patent and expanding with injectable versions for better forcible usage could be influencing Ghaemi’s position since he has gotten Big Pharma money from some of the companies pushing toxic neuroleptics and so deadly so called “mood stabilizers” for bipolar Dr. Healy exposes as a Big Pharma scam.

    Ghaemi pushes every drug company ploy of blaiming the victims’ “mental illness” for toxic drug effects including the one that manic and other frequent bad reactions to SSRI’s “uncover” one’s bipolar. Bob Whitaker exposes the iatrogenic tragedy of children in particular becoming seemingly bipolar due to dangerous SSRI’s and kiddie cocaine effects. Yet, the famous Physician’s Desk Reference blames the drugs and not bipolar! Ghaemi also fights for the ever increasing expansion of already ridiculously expanded junk science DSM bipolar guidelines for what Dr. Insel has admitted to be one of all of DSM’s invalid disorders so he can stigmatize and poison just about everyone on the planet with the latest fad fraud bipolar disorder including children and toddlers no less, One of his great mentors is Joseph Biederman he claims to admire and support who almost single handedly created child ADHD and bipolar epidemics while taking drug company money under the table, which models such a lucrative approach to biopsychiatry. Ghaemi sees nothing wrong with this though Senator Grassley called Biederman and his cohorts on the carpet in Congress for such dishonest practices that had him making headlines in the Boston Globe with those questioning Biederman appalled when he compared himself to God or immediately second to him in terms of his importance. Robert Whitaker has exposed Biederman as the main perpetrator of the scandal of drugging children with toxic neuroleptic drugs in a chapter of a book on child drugging cited elsewhere on MIA.

    So, to anyone going to this program: Caveat Emptor and beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

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