Therapy Better than Antidepressants for Staying Employed


Examining the link between depression and loss of employment, a study by American researchers in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that cognitive therapy was more strongly positively linked to employment than antidepressants, and the impact increased over time. Following 141 treatment responders from a previous study, the researchers found that, after four months there was little difference between the two groups, but after 28 months, 88.9% of the people who’d been involved in cognitive therapy were employed, while 70.8% of the people taking antidepressants were. “Cognitive therapy may produce greater improvements in employment v. medication, particularly over the longer term,” the researchers concluded.

Gains in employment status following antidepressant medication or cognitive therapy for depression (Fournier, Jay et al. British Journal of Psychiatry. Published online ahead of print June 12, 2014, doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.113.133694)


    • Well, it’s harder to stay employed when you’re tranqualized plus have all the nice side effects. Btw, the untreated depression disappear by itself in most cases within a year or something…

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      • We must not forget all those patients who end up having the adverse reactions and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants misdiagnosed as “bipolar.” This blatant and almost unfathomable in scope psychiatric industry wide malpractice festival is costing this country billions (thanks largely to Dr. Biederman). And over a million American children have been railroaded into a lifetime of disability via this completely iatrogenic pathway to “bipolar” already. It’s shameful.

        And how absurd we, as a society, are still showing reverence and respect to an industry that’s creating serious, completely iatrogenic, “mental illnesses” in people for profit. Antidepressants do not “unmask” latent “bipolar,” they cause a manic reactions in a fairly high percentage of even healthy people.

        I was one of them, but given an antidepressant under the guise of a “safe smoking cessation med,” rather than for depression. And in my case, the common antidepressant withdrawal symptom of “brain zaps” was misdiagnosed as “bipolar” by doctors fraudulently claiming to “know everything about the meds” in 2001.

        Oops, the emperor has no clothes. Psychiatry is an industry built on blatant lies and fraudulent science. And, trust me, the neuroleptics (“antipsychotics”) and “mood stabilizers” do NOT cure the adverse effects of the antidepressants.

        But forcing people to take them decreases employment viability. And, of course, any sane person should know that majorly tranquilizing a person is going to decrease that person’s ability to function properly. But for some reason, the psychiatrists can’t comprehend this logical reality. We need sane and ethical new “emperors.”

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