Conference on Re-Visioning Madness & Extreme States


On December 12-14, California’s Esalen institute will host a conference called, Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States. “Esalen co-founders Richard Price and Michael Murphy envisioned Dick Price’s experiences of madness to be of great potential value in helping others, and as a way to expand the human potential movement,” states a press release. “Esalen became a hub in the exploration of alternative models of madness and the development of new ways to help people in extreme states.”

The press release continues: “Workshop attendees will learn about new, ground-breaking research and contributions by pioneers like Price, Bateson, Laing, Perry, Silverman, Perls, Grof, and others who attended historic gatherings on madness at Esalen… During collegial conversations, personal sharing, and interactive exercises, we can expand on the paradigms by which madness may be expressed, understood, and responded to, by drawing on heart-centered ways of ‘being with’ an individual in an extreme state.”

Potential participants are advised in the press release to contact one of the organizers before registering.

Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States Conference