Trees and Your Mental Well-being


Trees reduce anxiety, stress and distress, and improve memory and concentration, says an op-ed published in Business Insider that includes links to many other articles and scientific studies. “Research subjects who took forest walks (instead of walks in cities) had a 12.4% decrease in cortisol — a hormone associated with stress — and a 1.4% decrease in blood pressure, plus a 5.8% decrease in heart rate,” writes Drake Baer. “Psychologists say to hang out at the park at least once a week. Japanese has a great word for it — shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing.”

“Just looking at trees made study subjects get rid of mental fatigue,” writes Baer. “Scientists say this is because nature gives us a sense of awe, which is one of the most restorative emotions we can experience.”

6 Surprising Ways Nature Improves Your Memory And Productivity (Business Insider, August 10, 2014)